Can't "go back" from inspecting a spell?

  • So, weird one, when inspecting spells I don't own from the spell book I can't seem to be able to go back. I swear to god I was inspecting spell this morning and I COULD go back, but now I don't have an "x", i don't have a "back arrow", and pressing the phisical "back" button on my phone prompts the message is the picture (pressing it again closes the game).



  • @licio-teora

    Yep. Sounds like a bug to me. How's about you report it? There is a format that is found in the Alpha 2.0 sub forum.

    Keeping it sparky!

  • it is apparently fixed now. I didn't do anything to fix it (or rather, I did: restarting phone; reinstalling app; restarting phone again - but to no avail), I had it this morning, I don't have it anymore now. No idea what caused it either...

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