Developers' Diary vol.4

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    Hey guys,
    The first test PvP season has ended and we have the winner! It was an intense battle where Dajen (411 trophies) came on top closely followed by Nunotrix (407 trophies) and Nastes (404 trophies) right behind. We want to congratulate the top competitors and thank all of you for participating.

    What do you think we should improve? Did you feel it was challenging enough ? What do you think about the matchmaking - is it fair?

    We already have themes for the next few seasons designed but due to our artist being extremely busy with all the monetization and UI adjustment's we will probably go with the same theme again.

    At the moment, we are working on:

    1. Classes and stats overhaul - we plan 4 unique classes with different base stats + a completely new stats system
    2. Overall tiers reorganization + equipment adjustment's (adding quality )
    3. Territory Wars

    These features are being designed atm. When they will be implemented is to be determined but we would love to be able to put them into the game before the public release.

    Thanks for your time and support. We really appreciate it 😊

    Maguss Team.

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