looks like they want to copy your game

  • @archvala yeah, I think niantic is a big bully at this point. Makes me mad.

  • Niantic will have to be careful to design the game different enough so as to not infringe on the Maguss design. The current Maguss game (the most recent update) is really shaping up to be an engaging experience.

    A little more lore and backstory would help I think. That way they have an established direction so HP fans don't tell copy cat. Besides, long before HP there was magic, alchemy, signs and symbols so no matter what think Maguss will be fine. I for one would rather support Maguss and a new story rather than one that has been beaten to death for years. Just saying.

    Keep it sparky!

  • I have played ingress, i play PoGo and Maguss and the niantic wizard game is last thing i would like to play. They dont even finish PoGo and they want to make new game... There is game Draconius go, it copy of PoGo and if they change graphics it can be better game then PoGo. I will support maguss, its nice and it will have spirit.

  • Lets talk serious here.
    The "Harry Potter" brand has a few million fan base, the team that is developing the game already built Ingress, Poke GO and, are a spin off of Google developing team. Maguss is a great project but when a giant like google releases this kind of info you should (unless you don't have any commercial vision) take it in consideration.
    That said, i still believe in Maguss but i also believe that the open beta must happen before this gets out (even on alpha stage).
    My 5 cents.

  • This is exactly what I was thinking, but I post it here:


    But I don't get the 5 cents

  • Just my 2 cents, but people from Ingress and PoGo both came to the same result, Niantics don't care about the player base. The Maguss team simply need to pay attention to their player base and will end up winning this war.

    Main points that made me like this game more are that being in an area far from big cities doesn't slow progress down, meanwhile the Niantics games make you regret not living in the city. Also, Niantics games don't offer any gameplay if you aren't on the go, this game allows you to brew potions when you are home, and throw out duel invites.

    All that to say that I'm not scared about Niantics game, Maguss team just needs to make this game by listening to our feedback and keep in mind that not everyone lives in the city and they will win hands down.

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