[Android] Bug: Spell damage/evade?

    Device: Iman Victor
    OS version: 6.0
    App version: 0.1.1

    [BUG INFO]
    Reported via in-game tool: Yes
    Random: Yes/No
    Repeatable: Yes
    Exploitable: No

    (For new or those with similar problems)
    What should happen:
    During the battle damage spell should do animation and damage an oponent / or there should me animation of evade with text and no damage done.

    What does actually happen:
    After damage spell there is animation of damage on oponent (slashes) but no damage happens. Because i didnt see evade animation in last 24 hours i guess there is some connection.

    Does this prevent you for playing further:
    No, its only confusing, during pvp its like "what the fuck", and we really dont know if evasion (and evasion spells) works correctly if there isnt any animation (proof of evade)

    More information:
    [Give more info if needed]

    Animation, battle animation, evade animation, damage bug

  • @archvala

    The misses and evades do show up for n the battle log. I do agree that some form of visual message would be nice and I would bet that will happen.

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