Inventory Slots?

  • I just upgraded to the newest version, 0.1.1(38). Granted, I haven't opened this game in more than a week now, so I am not sure if this is something I just don't know, or if it's a bug...

    How can I tell how many inventory slots I have open? My inventory is filled with all sorts of ingredients and potions, and I hesitate to just sell them all. However, I brewed a potion last time I played, and it's still sitting in my cauldron. When I try to collect it, it says there is not enough free space in my inventory.

    So, I sold 200 gingers. That didn't free up enough space to put this one potion. So, I spent 80 MD on adding more inventory slots. That STILL didn't open up enough space for this one potion.

    So.. is there a way to tell me how many inventory slots I HAVE? Am I just way over-full now, and that's why I can't add my potion despite selling things and adding slots? Or is this a bug that I need to report?

    Frustrated but eager to explore this new update.

    =) Jen

  • @slartibartfast

    Hey there. I had thousands of herbs and had to sell most of them. The space is better since they raised the stack size up to 30 from 20 and gathering now has all the herbs available to you based n your herb skill.

    I am not sure what the starting size is to be honest. If I was to guess, it is probably around 50 slots or less. This would be 10 rows since there are 5 slots in each row.

    I hope this helps.

  • @robynoakwise
    Thanks for the info. I'll try limiting my slots to 50 and see what happens. Until I figure this out I can't really play much. LOL!

  • @slartibartfast

    Yeppers. It took me. Several days before you could sell ALL you own before I could play.

    The current version is pretty fun. See you in game.

  • The base inventory size, before any upgrades, is 5x5. With max stacks of 30 per inventory slot (for herbs, at least. Don't know about potions), having hundreds of anything will quickly kill space. Were there no limits to herb stacks in earlier builds?

  • @sydran

    Nope, I had several thousand of each herb.

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