How to do more damage in duel and pvp for the hight level ?

  • **Hello, I'm level 40 on the game. I would like to evolve but hey I'm not sharp enough in languages ​​to read English well. So if you could help me it would be nice. I am a paladin go up in attack, defense and critical hit. What will you advise me to do a lot of damage while having access to the level 1 to 8 spell and the same for incantations. Tell me what you think is best. Hoping to have answers. Good night.


    • BellatrixLestrange

    • Level 45

    • Trophies 358

    • Empower 44

    • Defense 35

    • Concentration 23

    • Evasion 9

    • Critiqual Empower 30

    • Critical Chance 13

    • Max Hp 580

  • This post is deleted!

  • @kevin-tello hi. I am only lvl 21 so i dont know all spells. But i know Trick (1 tier is good) and Fumble (5 tier) is very powerful but you must be careful, it will damage you aswell. Its all i know now.

  • thank you for your answer, it made me think. If other people have opinions to give or advice do not hesitate ! ☺

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