Custom spells

  • So. Looking very forward to playing Dec 1st. Key things to consider for the game.

    People play games like this not only to socialize with friends, but to stand out in a crowd and flaunt their personality and flavor. Getting this game as customizable as possible is key in my opinion to keeping people interested in playing, and will keep them wanting to get their character pics on the leaderboards. And not just facial features. But armor, weapons, and in my opinion even a customizable user interface would be unique to your game. For instance let's say I'm a wiz focusing In spells with fire, while my friend is more the shadow-death-poision type. It would be cool to show off to my friend that when I swipe my screen for spells, it looks more red and sparky, while his might look like a dark mist.
    I understand there has been a lot of talk about fortresses recently. But here is a concept. What about PLAYER designed dungeons. Nothing fancy. Maybe just some top view hedge maze designed dungeons that other player can stumble upon in real life. The dungeon owner could design ways to get to the center which might lead to a duel (challenger vs owner) in which the victor could get double or triple xp while the loser would lose as much. A gamble of sorts to keep things spicy. Also you could lay out traps. Like what might seem like an item is actually a strategic placed troll that can't be tamed but must be defeated to reach the owner none the less.

    I would love to be able to form guilds with my RL friends. And be able to invite others and hand out ranks and such that could have perks like a guild bank for items. Plus it's another way to show off personality.

    This next idea is bread and butter. But what about a way to create your own spells? I understand there is a lot to that. So what if you simplified things. Like what if there were a big pool of effects to choose from and a few ways to combine several to come up with something unique. For instance I could create a spell that makes my opponent...
    1- lose health slowly per sec
    2- I gain so much per sec
    3- I avoid spells easier.
    You could see how someone with a vampire obsession could customize his playing experience this way.

    Or it could be a bit more creative and whimsical.

    1-enemy must draw the spell twice for it to cast.
    2-when enemy casts a spell he/she must draw it upside down.
    3- spells your enemy casts are random spells from their spell book.

    The last 3 stats mentioned could be chosen and mashed into one spell that lasts 7 seconds and I could choose to name it (something like "confound" I imagine). And lastly I could pic out a cool custom icon for it. Even some custom particle effects for when I'm drawing it would be nice. These are things that have made monster games like Magic: The Gathering a huge hit. It's the flavor each player can show off.

    I'm SO stoked to promote this game for you guys. Me and all my friends thought these were points that's would...
    1- make the game stand out DRAMATICALLY for any other AR game. Not just because of the theme, but because of how personalized the play experience can be.
    2- with more possibilities in playstyle. The more things you are going to want to try in-game. There for investing more time in it.
    For instance once you beat super Mario, going back to level one seems pointless. But once you hear about all the Easter eggs and hidden goodies, you feel excited to give it another shot. If Maguss can cook a grand variety of foods for its customers, you can guarantee they won't be leaving the buffet until they have had everything on their plate at least once. Thanks for your creation!

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