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  • What's the best way to farm magic dust? I see some people seem to always have multiple boosters on in duels. They must be spending 56 magic dust per day (or a bit less if they purchased multiple days at a time). I spent the weekend running all over this city and have only come across a few chests (usually 3 chests within a period of 1 hour and then nothing the rest of the day). The random loot from chests is the only source for magic dust I know of so far (I'm guessing it will be purchased with real life currency once the game goes live). One person with three boosters was half my level. After 4 days of playing, I've only been able to accumulate 15 magic dust (not enough for even one booster let alone three). So I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong. Any tips or suggestions on how to get more magic dust?

  • I've been playing for 4 months and am only up to 56. I wouldn't sweat it too much since it's likely that when the game releases they will wipe everything first.

  • @tearlin

    Some of us have been collecting it for some things me. Dust can be can gained from daily rewards and chests. The higher your explore skill the greater the amount you can draw from a rune in a chest if you're lucky.

  • My theory has been that the people walking around with full boosters are burning dust they got as a substitute for the wands that are no longer being shipped. I don't know whether that has actually happened yet, but it seems like the most likely explanation.

    My own month-long experience in the game has also only produced about 12 dust.

  • @sydran

    Nope, no dust has been given and will not be, as per what the devs have said several times in multiple platforms, until release.

    Some of us tested the heck out the game. As for myself, walking/skating to collect herbs also gave lots of access to chests.


  • Yeah, I fought a player half my level (19) and he had full set of "butt kicking" armour that had to be purchased. I've been playing for 2 weeks and got my first dust today. Yay meeeeeee! 😁 But having lvl 50 hebalism lets me harvestall potion items. It's just too bad that I can ony brew lvl 4 potions 😂. However, I'm super rich with coins 237k and no place to spend it but more potions

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