Interact radius shouldn't be a complete deadzone.

  • The interact radius is pretty conspicuous about frightening off monsters and preventing them from spawning within. When I use a booster to increase my radius then the monsters are just pushed further out.

    I get it. I'm supposed to explore. But completely suppressing and warding off the ambient spawns is a bit heavy handed. The weather isn't always nice enough to go exploring, and I can't go exploring late at night when I'm up being a night owl. Having the occasional monster to fight would be a nice change from spamming duels and just leveling that way, not to mention duels can get pretty slow at night too.

    There's still plenty of incentive for me to explore, like collecting ingredients, chests, and more monsters. And I still go out whenever I can, but there's not enough to do when exploring is not an option. It used to be that monsters would still occasionally wander by and spawn close enough for a fight. The XP wasn't great but it was decent and it kept things interesting. In the game's current state, being stuck in my apartment is frustrating and boring.

    Please add at least the occasional wandering monster so that when we're stuck inside there's something more to than duels and brewing.

  • There are potions what lure monsters to you. I havent tried it yet but you can try them.

  • @archvala Yeah I tried one of those. Doesn't seem to do anything if you're standing relatively still. I haven't tested one while moving yet! But I'll have to try that. Maybe that's what those potions are for (for when you're standing still) in which case I think that's cool solution. You need to explore to get the ingredients, so you can't just stand still indefinitely even if the potion does lure in monsters.

  • I agree that the circle is a bit tough on the push away though, Like you said, once you are at home, unless you have the ressources, there's nothing much to do except duels. I would like for the game to have a little something extra in terms of non-exploration situation.

  • I tried the aroma potion while laying in bed the other night, and nothing showed up for me either. It sounds like the allure potion works the same but for t6+ monsters. I wish there was a potion that would spawn monsters within my range while I'm stuck in my apartment. Being able to immerse myself in a fantasy world and battle a few beasts while my mind quiets before bed would give this game a huge advantage. If the developers are concerned about making sure people continue to explore the world, they could limit the potion use to just one or two a day.

  • I am not sure if they want to do it that way. Sitting home and farm exp and loot from monsters doesnt motivate you to go outside, its game based on gps. With lure potions you could level too fast and dont leave home. Only for chests and herbs. What do you think?

  • @archvala Well, you need the resources for potions anyway to be able to brew these potions, and that needs exploration as indicated by @peter-larkin. So it is not really that bad.

    For example, I live in a rural area, where also exploration is difficult; all the chests I have seen have spawned 200 meters from the nearest road in the middle of swamp. Going for a walk on narrow roads and concentrating on a fight instead of keeping my eyes open for traffic isn't an ideal situation.

    However, if those potions worked, I could easily take a walk, collect ingredients, head back home, brew some potions and lure some monsters to me. It would give something to do while at home, instead of having to wait for the next chance to play at an appropriate, safe area.

    If that would make the game "too easy" as some seem to think, maybe the ingredients costs should be increased, or there should be a separate type of potion that would make the monsters "attack", or clearly head towards your direction. Think of it as type of hunting with a carcass used as bait... It may be even illegal in many countries, but it's often should be quite effective and in this case it's all fantasy anyway.

    Having this option would give rural players more playability while still requiring good amount of exploration to progress with any reasonable speed.

  • True... I think if there will be some mechanics what will not give you big advatage it would be good to have lures when you are somewhere inside. I was also thinking about walking without collecting and fighting. On the way to work and back if there isnt somenting what i want it would be nice to count walked kilometres for some reason. Maybe for dust? Every 10km get 1 dust? Or second type of chests what isnt made on time but on kilometres? Etc.

  • @archvala I agree that would be nice. I do a lot of walking and don't always encounter anything of value. When there is something on my map, it's usually far enough away I close out of the app to surf Facebook or play something else while walking there. It's nice that HP regenerates with walking but once I'm quickly back to full life there's nothing left for me. Dust is a great idea, but I'd also support the chest. Making the chest open based on walking as opposed to a timer would distinguish it from potions, making the play style slightly different. It would mean longer between opening chests though. I usually get three in rapid succession and then nothing the rest of the day. If I had to walk to unlock them, I might only get one chest instead, so I'd expect a bit more dust than the 0-3 pieces I currently get from the chests to be satisfied.

    Another idea might be to establish 'libraries' communal (preferably indoor) areas where players could congregate to fight off monster invasions. This feature would work very similarly to PoGo lures. We'd still have to travel a bit to get there, and it would encourage social interaction with other players. Not quite as ideal, but better than tramping through the snow (dramatically reducing my game progression) come winter.

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