Recommended Television Shows

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    This post is copied over from the old forums for anyone that might be interested in some new TV shows to watch to keep the Magic hype going. These shows have been recommended by many of the community, please feel free to add your own recommendations below.

    Recommended Television Shows:

    Alt reality/world:

    Earthsea - great book series and nice movies (there was also Ghibli studio movie which was inspired by it but I haven't seen it). It's different world completely but this is the way how I imagine magicians as way of life. Very study heavy, snaps ng the world by words with strict rules and consequences.

    Legend of the Seeker- Based off the Sword of Truth series by Terry good kind

    Merlin - Tales of Merlin the magician

    Neverwhere - it's TV series about hidden society, people living in plain sight but unable to be part of the regular world again. There are some magic elements to it, but not so much.

    Once upon a time - More story book magic

    Power Ranger Mystic force - Cheesy but not bad "magic" use

    Shannara Chronicles by Terry Brooks - Far flung future where magic and demons collide (also a TV Series)

    Hunter/Exorcist Genre:

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel – Unfortunately, no longer on Netflix, and also more focused on hunters than mages, these are nevertheless classics, and do feature a great range of demons, monsters, and have their own signature magic users and spells.

    Grimm - More of a ‘Hunter’ show than dealing with magicians, but still some good plots and good monsters. Not as good as Supernatural, but still solid. My biggest problem is that it tries to lump all the monsters in a Wesen, the monster species of the show. Still a good watch. I hear that Netflix is bidding on season 7.

    Shadowhunters – Technically not mages, but angel-blooded hunters…but they cast spell effects by drawing sigils with their styluses and angel blades. Seem familiar? A bit tweeny, but an overall pretty solid look at a supernatural world…although when it comes to that, nothing beat…

    Supernatural – One of the all-time greats, in my opinion. Obviously, it falls more towards Hunters than Magicians, but does a great job showcasing classic ghost stories, myths, and movie monsters alongside modern cryptids and urban legends in a way that is fresh and humorous in the face of horror. Still going after 10 seasons, and available on Netlifx.

    Occult Detective:

    Constantine - Watch it on CW Seed for free. This was a great show, so sadly cancelled after only one season. It really nailed the Occult Detective feel (even though, he is, technically, an unsanctioned Exorcist). The character John Constantine is a great blend of investigation, street smarts, and magic, the dark and gritty kind. He only rarely needs to cast spells, and is a sort of Jack of All Trades among different magic traditions, master of none, but able to effectively research, identify and defeat all sorts of nasties, mostly of the demonic variety. I enjoyed this show immensely, and keep hoping maybe somebody will pick it up. The magic was crude, ritualistic and had it should, in my opinion.

    Lost Girl - This has the glib oversexed quality of Charmed, lumps all the supernatural creatures in as Fae, similar to Grimm, and has that Syfy quality to it. Having said all that, there is still some decent storytelling and some good monsters, with a decent Occult Detective vibe going. Also on Netflix.

    The Dresden Files – A wizard who assists the police and acts and a private detective. This is also a terrible adaptation of the books, but still much better than a lot of what is out there. The occult detective has become a pretty legit archetype (John Constantine, Harry Damour, ect). Pretty much everything I wrote above, only, sadly, not available on Netflix.

    The Magicians – A group of young adults study at Brakebills, a University for Magicians. This is a very bad adaptation, but still not bad for what is available. It is kind of an adult version of Harry Potter, as well and a darker version of Narnia called Fillory. There is plenty of supernatural themed modern horror or urban fantasy out there, but very few that focus directly on magic and magic users. Most focus on Vampires or Hunters. Also, I remember being fairly impressed with it until I read the books, which are much better. Also, it is available on Netflix.


    American Horror Story: Coven - This tends to get a little derivative and weird, but still a very solid season (maybe the best) of a very solid show featuring a war between a coven of witches, a group of voudoan priestesses, and a group of modern hunters in the streets of New Orleans. The casting of Cathy Bates, Angela Basset and Jessica Lange along make it worth watching. It drags at some points, but is very powerful in others, and makes excellent use of its setting of New Orleans and the mythology of that city.

    Charmed – Witches meet 90210. On the surface, this is just bad TV, with scantily clad chicas and not a lot of depth. However, there is some value here, if you’re willing to watch. Also, it gets markedly better (not a high bar) once they got rid of Shannon Doherty. Also on Netflix, last I checked.

    Hex - British Show about a girl who discovers she has powers while in college and ends up involved with demons and other such things

    The Secret Circle – From 2012, with only one season, available on Neflix, this show follows a group of high schoolers who discover they are witches and warlocks. It is basically a modernized amalgam of The Craft, The Covenant, and Charmed. It is not badly done, is available on Netflix, and it’s a shame it wasn’t picked up for more seasons…bringing us to…

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