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  • Hi everyone,
    I'm curious to learn more about the different classes and how people are allocating their stats. I was hoping, since this is just the alpha and we'll probably all be reset a few more times anyway, we could share some of our builds and see how much of a distinction exists between classes and play styles. I wish I had a potion that could reset my stats so I could play around with them myself. At the moment, my stats seem to be mostly at the mercy of whatever equipment drops.

    Here are my details without any equipment:

    Class: Rogue
    Level: 16

    Empower: 10
    Defense: 15
    Concentration: 18
    Evasion: 10
    Critical Empower: 14
    Critical Chance: 16
    Max HP: 270

    Stats bonus for Rogues at level up are:

    Level 05 +1 Crit Chance
    Level 10 +3 Concentration
    Level 15 +2 Crit Chance
    Level 20 +2 Evasion
    Level 25 +3 Concentration
    Level 30 +4 Crit Chance
    Level 35 +2 Evasion
    Level 40 +3 Concentration
    Level 45 +2 Evasion
    Level 50 +6 Concentration

    I keep changing my spells to see what combination proves the most effective. I have two decks that seem to deal a healthy bit of damage - but neither fit the play style I imagine I should use.

    I imagine the rogue play style should favour poisons, curses, and bleeds that offer damage over time and create more opportunities for crits to proc. But my crits proc so rarely that I feel very disadvantaged against others who use big damage dealing spells like Energetic Strike. Perhaps as I level up and allocate more points, I'll reach a critical threshold that makes this play style possible.

    I also feel like I should be allocating lots of points into evasion, because getting a miss on one big damage spell would be a huge advantage in a duel - but again, they seem to be so rare I hesitate to throw points away.

    Thanks for sharing any tips on how to develop my stats and for letting me know what strategies you're trying with your class builds while we test out the game in alpha.

  • @tearlin

    I started as a Druid. Thankfully, the spells I used are the same as I have now as the class I picked.

    I am 26th level and my stats without gear are:
    Class: Druid

    Empower: 15
    Defense: 22
    Concentration: 15
    Evasion: 9
    Critical Empower: 10
    Critical Chance: 22
    Max HP: 390

    With gear:(I have not been able to get high quality gear until the latest patch as I could not duel so these might not be really high)
    Class: Druid
    Level: 26

    Empower: 23 (+20 buffed)
    Defense: 27 (+20 buffed)
    Concentration: 15 (+20 buffed)
    Evasion: 17 (+20 buffed)
    Critical Empower: 10 (+12 buffed)
    Critical Chance: 26 (+12 buffed)
    Max HP: 510

    What I am finding is that some spells just don't seem to work correctly and others overly so. I might get a base 49- from a heal serious wounds and then I see a lower level get 100+ from a heal light wounds. That would require an Empower skill far higher than possible at low level. I tend to play a defensive posture to lead off to see how my opponent (both NPC and player opens during a battle. I might open with Willpower, Magic Shield, and Cool Breeze, followed by Pine Needles and Crushing Void the second round. I would then hit harder with Fumble (the spell seems to work now) and with the higher defence and Magic Shield the backlash is minor. Since I have a high crit chance it does process often and I occasionally do 300+ with a direct damage spell on the same turn Crushing Void processes it's round two damage.

    Keep it sparky!

  • Lvl 19 Rogue

    Empower 15
    Def 18
    Concentration 19
    Evasion 18
    Crit emp 14
    Crit chance 15
    Hp 400

    For now, I've been mixing up schools of spells to level them up equally. Some monsters defend beyter thsn others per school. As for PvP, I usually find myself fighting same player a few times in a row, which allows me to switch my deck if I see a favorable trend on their part.

    I would kike to add that after an 8 hour road trip to New York City and back (16 hrs total), I've niw hiy lvl 50 herbalism. It would be nice if there were spritual tonics for sale in the shop.

  • Sinistrad
    Class: 31 Warden

    No gear
    Empower: 15
    Defense: 40
    Concentration: 15
    Evasion: 13
    Critical Empower: 6
    Critical Chance: 6
    Max HP: 470

    With gear
    Empower: 23 (Heal 33)
    Defense: 52
    Concentration: 15
    Evasion: 13
    Critical Empower: 6
    Critical Chance: 6
    Max HP: 590

    I leverage my high defense and HP pool to recklessly attack my opponent with spells that also damage myself.

    I open with Giant's Strength then Pine Needles. The next turn I use Fumble. My high defense mitigates the damage I do to myself, and my high HP means the damage I do take is less of a worry. And even though my Empower is mediocre, with the two buffs stacked, my Fumble often one-shots people who do not have high defense and two-shots most of the rest. I can't actually see overkill damage, but my largest hit so far was 560 (the fully-healed health total of my opponent).

    Once the broken Willpower spell gets fixed so that Dark Arts is more viable I will probably switch to a Damage Over Time approach with lots of self-healing and defensive magic. That was the original intent of this build, but I changed course to my current build. Essentially I am counter-intuitively using the Warden's high defense and HP as a source of damage.

  • @peter-larkin

    Willpower isn't broken. It is the only self buff defence against debuffs. There are several other spells that not only reduce or remove inflictions but can toss them back at you. Your post already points out the way to get around Willpower.

    Wait until Steal or Silence actually works as intended. Those spells are going to suck. Lol

    Updated my stats above too.😁

    Keep it sparky!

  • @robynoakwise The issue is that someone fielding direct damage spells can keep Willpower up 100% of the time without overheating. It costs a single spell slot and 2 heat, which is quite cheap. This one spell can shut down an enemy caster focused on Infliction damage. You cannot apply any new debuffs to someone with Willpower active.

    Further, the spell description itself a) mentions that it is only supposed to let you "ignore" the debuffs, not remove them or prevent them from being applied and b) has no "duration" meaning it should only be active on the cycle that it is being cast. In other words, in order to prevent debuffs from affecting you you should need to spend 1 spell slot and 2 heat every single turn not once every three turns. In reality, Willpower lasts for multiple turns, and prevents debuffs from being applied at all (doesn't just let you "ignore" it for that turn).

    Willpower and Mirror Curse are also not the only spell that lets you deal with debuffs. Barkskin increases Defense vs. Inflictions, but it costs four heat and two spell slots, just to reduce the damage for three turns, whereas Willpower costs one slot and two heat, and lets you ignore debuffs for 3 turns and prevent them from being applied. So, I strongly disagree with your statement that Willpower is not bugged/imbalanced. It is actually way out of line with the other spells designed to deal with inflictions/debuffs.

    There's two other spells, too! Poison Cure costs the same as Willpower at one slot and two heat, but all it does is reduce all current inflictions by 1 cycle. So it's strictly worse: Ignore 3 rounds of debuffs and prevent their application > reduce all current inflictions by 1 cycle. Then there's Cleanse. It is one spell slot and three heat, to remove a single debuff. All damage-dealing inflictions last at most 3 rounds, so even against a single debuff Willpower is better than Cleanse in every case. In cases where the player has more than one Infliction on them, Willpower is always better than cleanse.

    So again, there's absolutely no way that Willpower is balanced in-line with other spells designed to deal with inflictions. It's significantly better than every other option to the point that it's pretty clear Willpower is not just OP, but its current behavior is actually a bug.

  • @peter-larkin [Updated the entire post]

    You are correct, it isn't supposed to last several turns. That is why it was reduced to a single slot and two heat. It used to be a 2 and 2 and lasted for three turns.

    Yes, there are several ways to address afflictions true. Willpower is however designed for debuffs. I don't think there is a distinction between the two mechanically right now and Safe Space is the afflictions based buff but doesn't seem to work. Willpower should prevent an effect from landing on you and it does that, like Entangle for example. It doesn't remove one nor ignore one that is already on you. What it also prevents is any sort of effect that has to linger or stack, like Tripple Slash, to have an effect, essentially a debuff.

    It is a duel opening spell, I actually use both as if Safe Space did work, that can stop several things and should only last two turns. If a player is exclusively debuff/afflictions, they are going to have a difficult time with all the different ways to reduce that combat method. Though without Willpower an opponent would then be forced to using a set of defensive spells that only work against afflictions with no defence against debuffs. This would not work with only a single method of play would dominate and that is OP.

    Great debate. If you search the forums you can see that Willpower has been talked about before. Right now with both Willpower and Safe Space it would be two slots and four heat and would stop an opponent from pretty much every indirect damage option IF both spells are cast successfully. Timing, heat management, and strategy options are complex and I love that while others may not.


  • @robynoakwise you are very well versed in the magic lingo

    As you would say: Keep It Sparky!

  • I'm trying to decide what I want to play in the open beta. Anyone else want to share their character builds and/or thoughts on the different classes?

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