Empower debuffs can cause healing spells to go negative

  • Device: Galaxy S8
    OS version: Android 7.0
    App version: Unsure, but should be latest.

    Reported via in-game tool: Yes
    Random: No
    Repeatable: Yes
    Exploitable: Yes

    Empower debuffs can cause Empower to go negative. For example, if a Ghoul uses Infirm which is supposed to be a 30 percent debuff to Empower, the player's stats seem to go negative which should be impossible. This causes spells like Heal Serious Wounds to heal for a negative amount. So effectively it changes healing spells into self-damage that cannot be resisted, absorbed, or prevented.

    What should happen:
    Empower should be reduced by a percentage of its base value, reducing the healing amount but not making it go negative.

    What does actually happen:
    Players with debuffed Empower who attempt to heal themselves can end up hurting themselves instead.

    Does this prevent you for playing further:
    No but it makes enemies like Ghouls far more challenging than they should be.

    Screenshot: As usual, I'll try to get a video up if I remember to hit record next time this happens.

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