Heat calculation is prone to error

  • Device: Galaxy S8
    OS version: Android 7.0
    App version: Not sure. Alpha 2.0?

    Reported via in-game tool: Yes
    Random: No
    Repeatable: Yes
    Exploitable: No

    The boolean operation(s) which determines whether or not a player has enough heat remaining to cast a spell is done in an error prone way which can lead to unexpected behavior when casting spells that cost 0 heat. Cool Off costs 0 heat but cannot be cast if the player is above 15 heat for some reason (such as a fire monster using Heat Up).

    Pseudocode of the bug:

    //Add spell cost to current heat to see if it goes over 15 heat
    If (currentHeat + spellHeatCost > 15){
    else {
    //If the player has enough heat bar to cast the spell, add spell cost to heat bar and cast the spell
    currentHeat += spellHeatCost;

    When heat is above 15, the if statement will return True even if the heat cost of the spell is 0 because currentHeat plus any non-negative number is going to still be greater than 15. Instead, available heat "room" remaining should be calculated first and prevented from going below 0 as follows:

    //How much more heat can the player gain without going over 15? In real code the "15" would be a global constant to allow it to be changed more easily.
    availableHeat = 15 - currentHeat;
    If (availableHeat < 0){
    availableHeat = 0;

    //Calculate if the player can cast a spell without going over 15 heat
    If(spellHeatCost <= availableHeat){
    } else {

    In this case, a spell with 0 heat will return True and the spell will be cast no matter what the player's current Heat level. But a spell that costs even 1 Heat will still fail due to Overheating if the player is at 15 or higher as normal.

    What should happen:
    Players can always cast spells that cost 0 heat no matter what their current heat level is.

    What does actually happen:
    Player overheats when casting 0 heat spells if they have above 15 heat.

    Does this prevent you for playing further:

  • @peter-larkin

    Great post!

    The Overheat mechanic has been a bug and is still an exploit. I thought they disabled it from player use though I know it is used by monsters just like other spells that have odd behaviour. Like the burn spells and steal.

    Keep it sparky!

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