List of spells which are not working

  • Reported via in-game tool: No
    Random: No
    Repeatable: Yes
    Exploitable: No

    Summary: I have unlocked most of the spells at this point (but not all). Below is the list of spells not working as intended (as judged by their in-game descriptions) which are not currently called out in the stickied major bug thread. I've also left out spells that are difficult to test by myself. Please add actual combat with the test dummy in the "test deck" area. This would be a huge benefit to people testing spells.

    Sorcery (I'm up to tier 7):

    • Witch Burn: Does no damage regardless of target's Dark Arts skill
    • Soul Burn: Does no damage regardless of target's Sorcery skill

    Dark Arts (I'm up to tier 8)

    • Astral Body: Does not apply a debuff to target and does not cause a noticeable increase in damage received by the target

    Invocation (I'm up to Tier 7)

    • Willpower: Spell does not have a listed duration, but actually lasts for two rounds making that player completely immune to all inflictions for that time. This is horrendously overpowered and probably a bug.
    • Fire Trap: Applies no buff to player and provides no apparent increase in Empower after taking damage.

  • I've found out that any spell that uses an opponent's skill level doesn't work as intended.

  • @peter-larkin

    Soulburn and Witchburn both do damage to players only. From monsters it is not working. It is sort of broken and has been reported. Both of these spells do NOT gain a boost from spells like Pine Needles or Giant Strength.

    Willpower has been nerfed: it costs more heat (3 now instead of two, and lasts 3 turns. It only stops debuffs. If a spell, and inflictions do, has initial direct damage it does not stop that damage. It will also not stop a Mirror Cursed debuff from being bounced back to you. It isn't a bug it is a defensive spell to shut down debuffs. It's a paper to rock thing. Direct damage is the way to get around it.

  • @robynoakwise I replied at length in another thread, but Willpower is 2 heat and 1 slot still. And, the direct damage portion of all the damage over time debuffs is pitiful. Anyone with Willpower will absolutely crush anyone focused on damage over time debuffs, and Willpower completely outshines every single other spell designed to deal with debuffs (Cleanse, Poison Cure, Barkskin). Also, Willpower has had this exact same behavior for at least 5 months, as it was behaving this way when I first backed Maguss in July.

  • @peter-larkin

    I replied to your other post. 😉

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