Recommended Magic Books/Series

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    This post is brought over from the old forums, cleaned up, and somewhat organized, for those members, new and old, of the community that are looking for something "Magical" to read. Feel free to post your favorites below.

    Recommended Books/Series:

    American Craftsmen series Tom Doyle - In modern America, two soldiers will fight their way through the magical legacies of Poe and Hawthorne to destroy an undying evil―if they don't kill each other first.

    The Belgariad by David Eddings - Some magic, but mostly God-like Magic, following the journey of protagonist 'Garion' and his companions, first to recover a sacred stone, and later to use it against antagonist 'Kal Torak'.

    The Books of the Art – Equally hard to describe, (below)

    The Cinder Spires By Jim butcher - Steampunk adventure, using alternative tech, crystals and such. More swashbuckler and such, but the tech is very similar to magic use.

    The Circle of Magic series by Tamora Pierce

    Codex Alera Jim Butcher(author of the Dresden Files) - Lost roman legion ends up on another planet where furies exist. Furies are a form of elemental that form a bond witht the Romans giving them abilities similar to magic.

    Constantine - Graphic Novel - The character John Constantine is a great blend of investigation, street smarts, and magic, the dark and gritty kind. He only rarely needs to cast spells, and is a sort of Jack of All Trades among different magic traditions, master of none, but able to effectively research, identify and defeat all sorts of nasties, mostly of the demonic variety.

    DeathGate Cycle by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman - Two Major Powers warred with each other, the world was sundered and rebuilt, this series is the aftermath

    Dragonrealm Richard Knaak - Tales of DragonRealm

    The Dresden Files Jim Butcher (Take Sherlock Holmes, mix it with some cool magic and spice it with a lot of puns!) - I've always thought of as the Harry Potter for Adults

    The Elenium and the Tamuli David Eddings trilogies - Tales of Sparhawk, Pandion Knight

    Everville – Tesla Bombeck is back, and allied with Harry D’Amour, the Occult Detective from The Last Illusion (Lord of Illusions – film) and The Scarlet Gospels, as well as others. In Everville, the must confront new challenges coming from across the Dream Sea.

    FableHaven by Brandun Mull - Kids series about a Mystical Refuge

    The Great and Secret Show – Tesla Bombeck and her allies find themselves drawn into the secret war between the Fletcher, Master of Dreams, and the Jaffe, Master of Nightmares. As the dreams and nightmares do battle in the streets of Palamo Grove, where the Jaffe seeks to rip a wound in reality in order to gain access to Quiddity, the Dream Sea, our group must avert what could be a world-ending crisis.

    Heroes of the Valley Jonathan Stroud (Boy living in a valley where meat eating monster come out of holes)

    Imajica – This epic tale can be found in one huge volume or two, still very sizable volumes. It’s pretty much impossible to describe fully, but it follows the adventures of Gentle, an artist, Judith, his former lover, and a shape-shifting assassin named Pie as they leave our world (The Fifth Dominion) on a journey of self-exploration through the other four dominions, eventually to confront the tyrant known as the Autarch and reconcile all the dominions.

    Landover series Terry Brooks - Alternate dimension purchased by someone from earth

    A Logical Magician and A Calculated Magic by Robert Weinberg. The main character is a modern mathematician who ends up working for Merlin and fight evil creatures with a mix of magic and logic.

    The Iron Druid Chronicles Kevin Hearne (2000 year old druid talking to his dog and killing the evil guys with magic!)

    The Kingkiller Chronicle Patrick Rothfuss (Give it a try! It's just great!)

    The Magicians by Lev Grossman - The source of magic is disappearing, students from the modern school of magic are the only hope.

    Mither Mage's Series by Orson Scott Card - Mage's from another world come to the Earth and are the Gods here

    The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel (6 Book Series) by Michael Scott - Very similar to the idea of Maguss, wizards hiding and fighting in Modern day.

    Shadowrun Secrets of Power novels by Robert Charrette - They are set in a cyberpunk future from the 1990s, that frankly isn't too much different than our world today, and dealt with a novice shaman learning the ways of magic in a postmodern world.

    • Never Deal with a Dragon
    • Choose your Enemies Carefully
    • Find your Own Truth

    Shannara Chronicles by Terry Brooks - Series bounces between modern day and far flung future where magic and demons collide.

    Thomas Covenant series by Stephen R Donaldson - Man with leprosy travels to another world when unconscious where he has unimaginable power

    Titus Crow series by Brian Lumley - It is more in the Call of Cthulhu wheelhouse...but let's face it, to beat a Great Old One, you probably need magic...

    Witch and Wizard James Patterson , similar in nature to his Maximum Ride stories, that are available in novel or graphic novel format.

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