[Android] No loot from monsters

  • System: Motorola Droid Z Force
    OS: Android 7.1.1

    Reported: Yes
    Repeatable: Yes
    Exploitable: No

    What happens: Monster combat yields no loot even with 150% booster. In fighting over 50 monsters there should be some form of loot.

    What is expected: Combat with monsters should result in occasional loot being dropped of the tier the creature being fought.

  • low tier monsters seems to be dropping some loot occasionally. But i confirm i never found loot from monsters with higher tier than 3

  • correction: i found a loot from ghoul (tier VII)
    Rebel's Headress (grey), tier 7 Hat

    The same day i fuond a yellow tier 1 item from an imp.

    So it looks like the more difference there is between monsters tier and your level, and the easier is to find rare loot

  • @ron-benvenuti

    Hmm that would make sense. I have found loot on T1-3 so far. Nothing on T4 even though I am T7.

    I will update if I do.

  • @RobynOakwise
    i found another tier VII loot on ghouls, maybe they have better chance (or they are the only ones not bugged :D )

  • I'm level 40 now, and today in 1 hour i found:
    1 tier 7 grey (atm ghouls seems to be the only high tier dropping)
    1 tier 4 green
    1 tier 3 green
    1 tier 1 purple
    1 tier 1 green

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