The second glyph is not registering

  • It is very extremely hard to get the second glyph to register.

    ![alt text](0_1511523211208_Screenshot_20171124-063006.jpg image url)

  • Hey I have the same problem.
    Mine register during test deck but during fight the healing spell does only spell once. After success I am not able to cast any spell at all in the next turn.
    I keep drawing the pseudo 1 and pseudo 2 bit my wizard doesn't do anything but stand still and getting hit.
    What does the light beam show? It says 2/15 or something. When it drops to 0/15 I think my fight is somehow over.
    I did probably not pay enough attention during tutorial. Where can I get ingame help?

    I am level 3 and play on a Samsung Android device.

  • I think it's when your 4G shutdown for a few second you can't spell again. I've have the same problem. It's extemely difficult to launch spell with 4G, with my WiFi everthing is just fine.

    The light bar is the overheat bar. Each spell cost heat and when your heat bar is full, you can't spell again unless it drop. It drop by 3 every turn.

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