Rogue and Warden stats and problems with appearance.

  • I just got into the game and I started to see each class and their stats. To my surprise I noticed that both Rogue and Warden's stats are a bit off. Example, Rogue is supposed to specialize in evasion and concentration. Yes, concentration is fine in 15 but in evasion his below warden by 3 points. That makes Warden have large hp, defense and evasion. Rogue on the other hand should be below average but his stats are average if we compare it to Druid class. I don't know if eventually in the game this changes but still the beginning doesn't match up. Those two classes seem like the best options leaving the Paladins and Druids a bit behind. The other small thing is the appearance it doesn't let me make changes except for the face but nothing else.

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