Recommended Movies

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    This post is brought over from the old forums. Cleaned up and organized, presented to those members, new and old, of the community that are looking for something "Magical" to watch, to help keep up the magic hype. Please feel free to post your own favorites below:

    Recommended Movies:

    Doctor Strange – Admittedly, a comic book movie (and I love comics, nothing wrong with that) but at the same time, still a movie about magicians in the modern world, hiding in plain sight.

    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Really, this lumps in with Harry Potter, but definitely worth a mention.

    The Craft – An oldie but a goodie. Teenage witches form a circle and start casting some manage, but find that any evil they put into the world returns to them two-fold. Kinda goofy and dated, but, to my knowledge, the first mainstream movie about witchcraft that cast it in a somewhat positive light.

    The Covenant – A remake of The Craft with guys instead of girls, and some plots revolving around old bloodlines. Not great, but pretty good.

    Harry Potter - Ordinary boy who finds out that he is part of a much grander, magical world.

    Lord of Illusions – SUCH a great movie from Clive Barker. This really delves into the dark aspects of modern magic; seedy cults hiding deep in the desert, a true worker of the Art hiding as a stage magician, and possibly the earliest version of the Occult Detective archetype in Harry D’amour. Plus, some awesome Clive Barker weirdness and great quotes "You're not worthy. None of you. Only Swann was worthy. You just waited like lambs.... ...Well I'm not your shepherd.

    Mortal Instruments – Based on the same books as the Shadowhunters TV show, but done a little differently. Not great, but they didn’t really have much time to flesh everything out.

    The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Nicholas Cage before he totally burned out, as a Sorcerer. Not all of it is good, but it is a functionally complete story about magic in the modern world. Watch out for those brooms, kid!

    Warlock Series – Basically a 1980s style horror franchise with an evil Warlock taking the place of Freddie or Jason…still, not bad, if you like the 80s horror genre (I do!)

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  • The Dresden Files! Detective type show where Harry Dresden is solving "troubles" with magical origins.

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    Thats listed in both the recommended books and the recommended TV shows, this is mostly movies.

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    Yay, I needed new films to binge. Surprised Practical Magic isn't on here though, maaaaaybe because it's super popular anyway but it's about a bunch of witches on a quest of love, not as sappy as I made it sound but I don't wanna spoil anything, it's really worth the watch. Oh, and also The Love Witch! Kinda slow paced at times but oh my god it is the most aesthetically pleasing film I've seen in a while.

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