[Android] All chests on the same direction

  • Device: Xiaomi Redmi note 3
    OS version: 5.1.1 LMY47V
    App version: 0.1.1

    Reported via in-game tool: No
    Random: No
    Repeatable: Yes
    Exploitable: No

    What should happen:
    Chest Should appear in random directions on the map.

    What does actually happen:
    They always appear in north-west direction

    Does this prevent you for playing further:

    Attached screenshot(optional):
    5_1511771153882_Screenshot_2017-11-26-21-33-19_com.maguss.maguss.png 4_1511771153882_Screenshot_2017-11-20-08-53-10_com.maguss.maguss.png 3_1511771153882_Screenshot_2017-11-19-11-39-44_com.maguss.maguss.png 2_1511771153882_Screenshot_2017-11-18-11-17-53_com.maguss.maguss.png 1_1511771153881_Screenshot_2017-11-16-10-55-05_com.maguss.maguss.png 0_1511771153881_Screenshot_2017-11-16-08-20-55_com.maguss.maguss.png

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