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    I was never that big into PvP, so I've left that for those that can test it better, but I have seen people taking advantage of exploits when they are known, and it is frustrating. You aren't testing at that point. Using a known exploit like Silence, Triple Slash, or Mirrored destiny doesn't allow for testing anything, the duel doesn't last long enough for any testing. I can say it might be needed though, some of those exploits allow for players to get to the higher levels, get the more expensive equipment/recipes, so that they can be tested, but frankly, I don't think too many of those exploiters are doing it for that reason.

    As for Forums, There are some that are using it correctly, reading the Bug list, posting helpful information about bugs, more than "Help me I can't cast spells". We can put the info out, but if they don't want to read there isn't anything we can do. There are posts everywhere, even more so on the old forums, about how to get an alpha key, how to setup a spell deck, how to brew and use beans, and yet, these questions keep getting asked. Oh well, I'll keep answering them.

    I suppose this is why we have people complaining about the upcoming character wipes, they've put so much effort into their characters, its not fair to wipe it. I've seen so many comments/posts about people that don't want to play now that they know there is at least one more character wipe, which is fine, because you probably weren't testing anyways.

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