Wizards Unite

  • I'm sure we have all heard of Niantic's upcoming title, Wizards Unite. I really wish that they would collaborate with Maguss; that way, the Maguss team and Niantic could work together to complete a steadily funded and highly advertised game with interesting and addictive RPG gameplay (that of Maguss, rather than another Ingress copy and paste.) I don't suppose there's any chance of the Maguss team being able to get their attention , is there? If not, is there anything we could do as a fanbase?

    (I suppose this would fit into the "Announcements" category, and not "Gameplay"?

  • Sadly I doubt there will ever be a team up. Maaaaaaaaybe in the future there might be like, a fun little crossover but the Maguss team will need to get real big for a company as large as Niantic to notice them. *Insert "Notice Me Senpai" joke here*

  • Niantic dosn't care about the players. Don't associate Maguss and them please.

  • @wheler They can't. Because they took F2P strategy that means Casual marketing + item mall + hard influence on game infrastructure from all include a lot of cheaters . They have been working on ingress for 5 years but cheaters still here with GPS spoofing and accont key transfer. Cheaters still makes this game unplayable and annoying. Pokemon go have same problems but there are low influence on game infrastructure. prepaid pay system should help Niantic if they will start to use this system.

  • @nortrom2017 So you mean Niantic can't care about there players because there is a lot of cheater ? I don't think Niantic does it's best at that regards. I remember when Niantic has banned every player who have been used IV calculator without warning. This show exaclty what I mean. There is a lot of different thing that Niantic can have done differently if they care about the playlers.

  • I agree that it’s easy to imagine what this game could become with the funding and IP of HP behind them, and the devs here have previously expressed interest in being a part of that IP... at the same time the Maguss universe has started to take shape and I love it’s esthetic and am very curious to see it develop deep lore and maybe even an ongoing story (hint hint). Niantic spawned from google and so in some ways they are huge... but the Pokémon Go team for instance was tiny, seriously only a few devs. It may be larger now but it shows that Niantic had no problem working with a small team, Given the similarity in IP and game concept it’s hard for me to imagine that they don’t know about Maguss. I have to assume that there are some reasons they have chosen not to collaborate. Probably they would be unwilling to give up a share of the game profit to an external dev, and the Maguss devs may be unwilling to give up creative control on their gam
    Now, what I would LOVE to see if for Niantic to license the want technology and produce wands that could be used with both games. That way we could enjoy the best parts of both games and get our wands after all! :)

  • @wheler Yes they can't because of chooses marketing model. Yes, Niantic has banned every player who have been used IV calculator, bot programs or use GPS falsification and they are still upgrading his anticheat system... but there are nothing changes at all! Cheaters still here - 1 legit player / 7-10 cheaters/spoofers.

    btw. Over 70% blocked cheater accounts will available to play till 1-4 weeks of ban.

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