Im stuck in tutorial

  • It keeps saying " Its time to kill second monster..." since you cant die in tutorial i can not pass it. There are two monsters exist in my map and they dont dissappear even if i killed them. Is there anyone who can help me ?

  • are you still having this issue?

    Try rebooting the app. If you are in an area with low reception, you can run into multiple problems, so make sure that you have a good signal and try again.

  • I tried everything. Its because of some bugs i guess. I have wrote bug report 2 times and waiting for response :/ .

  • I am also having this issues and haven't heard back from anyone. I've seen a few people reporting this. Really need to get this fixed, I want to play, but cannot because I cannot move forward in the tutorial!

  • try chatting on facebook, they usually answer really fast

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