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    Q: Will there be the possibility for DIY wands, i.e. sell the electronic parts but the wand/item can be made at home?
    We were also thinking of selling only the module itself holding electronics and the battery that could be used either for DIY wands or for changing wand skins in case you get bored of look of the wand you've currently own. However here is a problem with the production costs. For this to happen, we need quite a large initial capital to produce molds for plastic injection. We can't say it will be on our current campaign, but if we can see the potential in it, I am definitely in, for that kind of stuff!

    Q: What material will the wand be made from?
    We considered many materials but in the end decided for a durable plastic

    Q: How will it connect to the phone?

    Q: How fast will the battery of Wand and phone drain if play you about 2 hours?
    The battery would last approx. 150 play time hours.

    Q: Will the battery will be inserted/taken out and if it would restrict the usage somehow if I customized my wand myself using Epoxy Sculpt?
    It can be taken out and used as you please. The only important part of the wand is the module that consists of rechargeable Li-ion battery (cannot be taken out), a PCB (a chip with Bluetooth module and a tracking component), a button to use the wand and a microUSB port for battery recharging. So as soon as you have the microUSB and the button revealed you can do anything you want with it. Just keep in mind that tracking device has to be turned in a direction a normal wand would, otherwise your gesture would be hardly recognized.

    Q: When will the wand be available for preorder and how much will it cost?
    As we are still in the development process, we are unable to be more specific. The exact date will be announced on all of our social media accounts. The mobile game will be free while our calculated price for the wand is $35. Early bird price is planned to be $25.

    Q: Do I need to have Maguss Wand to play?
    No. The game is designed in a manner which allows players to play with or without a wand. We have prepared an interesting gameplay for both.

    Q: How about design and color of the wand (just black and one kind of design)?
    There is currently the one and only design (unfortunately). The reason for this is that plastic injection molds cost too much for us to afford right now and start the massive production. If we manage to raise enough money on our campaign, we may be able to include more different designs.

    Q: Can I buy a wand later.
    Yes you can. The Indiegogo campaign is currently "InDemand" which allows you to buy the wand together with other perks.

    Q: When will wands ship?
    As for the wands, we plan to start shipping them in winter this year.

    Dear backers & fans,
    We would like to thank you for the amazing support you have shown us thus far. The numbers are through the roof. With more than 9000 organic Google Play downloads majority of which came from people that do not have the key, over 700 players active daily out of 2000 backers and 10 people who have already reached rank 190 while the game is still in alpha stage, it seems magical experience attracted many.

    Today, however, we bring you some sad news.

    We are sorry to announce the delivery of Maguss Wands will be postponed for about 8 months. These are the reasons which stand behind the decision:

    1. Different legislation's, various regulations and the process of product approval(CE mark) pose more difficulties than we have initially anticipated
    2. Necessary updates and battery performance tests have been delayed as a delivery service lost the package with a rechargeable battery
    3. We had problems finding a component supplier which would fulfill our expectations. To bring you a high quality physical product, we want to work with the best

    We feel bad and want to make it up to you. Therefore everyone who purchased the Maguss Wand is going to receive $30 worth (Wand value) of in-game currency - magic dust. In app purchases are not yet available, but we will make sure it is worth to have some saved up dust!

    There is good in all bad. The extra time we get allows us to fix bugs, add more content and implement new features.

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