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  • @stevenrice said in Spell casting outside of battle:

    I'm having fun crafting and using potions. But I have to be honest. We should really be able to cast some spells outside of battle. Like healing spells.

    Potions and spells could both have so much more scope. Spells to increase the fecundity of the land around you so that it grows more ingredients, that's one I'd like to see!

  • @lomeluine I'm not asking for particular buffs to cast anytime. What I'm asking about seems crucial to a good game. After playing a bit more, I thought it through. It's 2 crucial changes.

    1. Let us draw Glyphs while we are walking around. So we can heal between battles. Potions seem like your answer, but I keep running out of them. (money making scheme?)

    2. If we have to carry all our potions, and they are taking up inventory space. We should be able to use them during battle. Or would that mess with the battle system?

  • @stevenrice

    There is a heal mechanic based on you walking around already. exploring skill

    If everyone was allowed to do glyphs at any time the server load would potentially be crazy. That is why there are a few built in things that are dedicated (potions, auto heal while walking).

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  • Huh, far from a money-making scheme, I have potions and the resulting gold build up faster than I could ever spend or use it. But then I see the occasional duel as a break from the main business of leveling up in Herblore and Brewing :), or sometimes as a way to make my Challenges for the day.

  • @lomeluine

    I would guess that the experience gain might be adjusted a bit as it doesn't take long to Max out an area of skill right now. Advancement would be one of the things that would keep me playing. If I can get to Max level in a week or two, that is all I will play.

    I am not huge on PvP though I don't suck at it. I am looking forward to the community features that have been proposed since concept. I tend to gather and craft as well as study spell efficiency. I would love a dungeon opportunity, in game chat, and trade.

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  • @stevenrice I think I was just imagining to be playing AN MMORPG on my desktop. Where you click one button to cast a spell. But I realized that I was asking too much. I believe that hardware technology isn't there yet.

  • Diferently from what @RobynOakwise said, casting outside battle wouldn't creat all that overload onto the server, since gliph recognition is done by our phones, but it would break the gameplay we have now, the heat system and the cycle system doesn't existe outside battle, we cann't really interact with the world so there is not really a reason to let us cast gliphs outside battle for now.
    But as sugestion I would like to ask for any kind of way to interact with the world itself, dungeons, minigames placed on the map that we could do to change the environment like spawning more monsters/ingredientes for a while, or to give a buff or debuff while in the area affected, the waves of monsters protecting something...

  • @stevenrice I felt the same way at first, but the truth is that potions aren't that expensive and gold does build up quite fast. I started playing not so long ago and have around 9k gold that I don't really use. Sure, when we level up in brewery we do have to buy the potion recipes, but a part from that there isn't much to buy. Also, I see low tier monsters as my way of getting free healing.

  • if you need to buy potions the very first 1 in the shop for 90g that heal 100 hp is the best value for your gold per hp.

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