Potions, spells and player interactions

  • Hi I already read the most and start to make some questions and suggetions that can improve the game.

    1.- Pots and spells
    In battle: would be nice to have some pots in battle to aid the combat.
    Outside battle: Will be great if u can use a healing spell outside combat to regain health in case ure lazy and dont wanna walk or not pots in ur pocket could be like 2 times between battles or something like that.

    Spells to get more ingredients or harvest potion will be nice (once each day).

    2.- Respawn and player interactions:
    Monster respawn will be nice every hour or less. I was at work kill everything in my zone and dont appear if I stay close or near the area.

    Will be awesome that u can aid some faction wiz that is being attacked, throw a healing potion or spell once or twice during fortress battles or outside combat also a players pvp during fortress battles will be great to get the ppl more like to join and help faction.

    A fortress battle can have another price where 5 or more wizards of the winning faction can cast a spell to get materials growing on the fortress or summoning monsters that can have drop rate increased.

    Also cooperative spells used once during battles can be fun and give a lil bonus to players like +2 concentration, etc.

    3.-Monster interactions

    Another idea can be the existence of neutral monsters during fortress battles will be nice if some requeriments are fullfilled can be an aid or extra risk for those in that battle.

    This ones are just some ideas I have now, have lots more but I think this ones could provide more excitement and versatility to the battles.

    I hope u can discuss and improve the ideas.

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