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    Q: Will the game drain the Phones battery as much as other AR Games do or will the game be optimized to fix the battery time while playing?
    We were emphasizing on cutting down battery drainage as much as possible during designing and developing. We made several precautions to prevent it such as turning off the AR doesn't just mean putting a flat background behind a monster, but replacing the 3D render of the monster with a flat image. That has severe impact on battery saving.

    However, there are other things expensive on energy that we can't avoid using such as data connection, GPS (in some cases it may be turned off, like during crafting or long distance PvP), Bluetooth (in case of wand users). Plus, the game engine itself is quite heavy on processing.

    We are hoping for some improvements in batteries industry. Perhaps Tesla will take over and make them better.

    Q: Will there be more modes or just AR on/off? Do I need gyroscope in the phone to turn on the AR or is accelerometer and a compass enough?
    Currently we have only 2 modes. One when the AR is on, with the camera and 3D monster and one when AR is off when the 3D model is replaced with an illustration of the monster (for this mode you do not have to have a gyroscope).

    When playing without the Maguss Wand, all you have to have is a standard smartphone connected to data (3G is enough, or Wi-Fi). If you want to also enjoy GPS related features such as exploring, farming dungeons and such, GPS has to be enabled.

    Q: Since this is a real world game and data will need to be used a big question is what is the impact on data?
    Mobile data is one of the reasons our game happens to be a mix of a turn based and a real time game during the PvP and PvE. Since we had to take into the consideration that not everywhere mobile data is fast enough for a pure real time PvP.

    Currently even a slow internet is good enough. 4G is not necessary. Most of the stuff is loaded when the app was first installed, the rest of the data is mainly raw. Besides that, we are using web sockets for most of our communications with server for faster nearly real time performance.

    Q: how will items pop up? random or will you use popular points like memorials and city halls and parks like other AR games?
    It is never completely random. If we made it random, it wouldn't be possible to show the same item on the same location for 2 players. Therefore, it is attached to various types of locations, just as you said. Maps that we are using offer hundreds of tags to which we may assign a collectible item or a monster.

    Q: Will the game be freemium? Will money make all the difference?
    Yes. And absolutely not! The game will be free-to-download and play. For those players who will want to enhance their gaming experience, we have prepared a sophisticated system of in-game purchases. That way they can gain access to exclusive items, spells and much more. General Information

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