I think that brewing is silly and boring!

  • And it need to change..
    I mean, poping bubbles?? Seriously?

    I would suggest doing something like this instead:

    1. tap the cauldron you wanna use.

    2. Choose a recepie for the potion you want to brew.

    3. The view changes to an top down view of the cauldron.

    4. You'll see the needed ingredients at the bottom of the screen.

    5. Add the specified ingredient to the cauldron when a prompt tells you to (a small timer will show how long til it's time), bad timing will lower the quality of the potion.

    6. Stir the potion while waiting for the game to prompt you to add ingredient . Keeping the potion at the right stiring speed is also crucial, as stiring to slow, or to fast, will lower the quality of the potion.

    7. repeat 5 and 6.

    8. When all ingredients have been added, stir until the timer goes down. Now wait (just as we do now when we are done with the current mini-"game")

  • I heard that brewing used to require drawing glyphs at the right time in order to add the right ingredients. I wish I could have been around for that, it sounds much more interesting and challenging.

  • @henric-melin

    Previous versions did have a similar mechanism like what you described.

    I.e. You would have to place the first ingredient, draw a glyph and wait for the next part of the brewing process. If you missed the window, the potion quality went down.

    While it was fun, it was changed to the mini game it is now so brewing/alchemy is quite different from spell casting.

    Keep it sparky!

  • @henric-melin

    Your recommendation is pretty much the same as the bubble popping method. You are just rearranging where the timing rhythm is critical and you are adding a "select from group" mechanic instead of a "choose from two" mechanic.

    I am not disagreeing with your point of bubble popping being kind of pedestrian.

    I'd advise they spend some time looking at Everquest II and its crafting system. Too bad Star Wars Galaxies is not still around. That has a crafting system that could have been adapted to Maguss in a way that would give us a feeling we are making and creating things.

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