No Faction & Switching Factions Option

  • I know there are four factions planned for Maguss. I understand their function, especially since the territory control aspect of Maguss has been revealed. I would like the ability to not choose a faction and not be involved in the territory control aspect of the game. Some of us just aren’t interested in that level of PvP and/or would like the ability to call anyone from any faction “friend”.

    Additionally, could some mechanic be implemented so we can switch factions? Having played Ingress and P-Go and dealing with over population and under population of factions as well as friends coming late to the game, choosing a faction different from mine, but wanting to join my faction or vice versa, changing or leaving factions with time or currency cost limitation would be very welcome.

    Maybe we get one free faction change and then every other faction change would cost an amount of coin or dust but can only be done a certain number of times within a span of time. Also, it could be tied to some kind of difficult task or series of tasks as well as having a coin or dust cost.

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