Ideas for some additional potions

  • Sometimes you're not able to go outside. Nevertheless a little bit of monster hunting would be fun. So it would be really great if there was a potion with which you'de be able to attract monsters so that they're entering your circle for a limited time, even without moving your own position. This even would make Maguss more attractive for people who are older or somehow handicapped and therefore unable to travel longer distances.

    Furthermore I'd like to see a potion with which it would be possible to increase the amount of ingredients which appear nearby your position.

  • The monster attracting potion was announced in yesterday's newsletter.

  • @schlesim

    I have to down vote the "more ingredients" thing. One thing that I feel will greatly harm this game is the ability to sit in one spot and do everything.

    You have valid points of course in addressing limited or non ambulatory individuals. Trade and crafting hopefully will assist here.

    A solution might be the ability to travel ethereal for a limited time via a potion? You could essentially move about at a walking pace via an on screen tap for a direction. When the potion wears off you would reappear back at your starting point.

    The monster lure helps with the ability to combat them and you have the ability to duel remotely so herb gathering is a sticking spot. Perhaps the ability to have herb pots? Like the alchemy cauldron you could plant seeds and then have to wait for them to grow? Fertilizer could be a shop item to speed it up? The number of pots you can have could be linked to your herbalism just like brewing is now.

    Keep it sparky!

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