Idea: more interaction between players

  • I'd like to see additional possibilities to interact with other player. Not only within a battle, but also in a friendly way.

    So it would be great if I could invite other players to exchange or sell ingredients, potions or even equipment with me.

    The invitation mechanism could work in a similar way like the search for a battle opponent. The exchange mechanism could be designed similar to the way of selling things in your inventory.

    This way gameplay could be much more cooperative and emphasize it's "social" characteristic.

  • I could see how this mechanic would make sense for local interactions but not necessarily distant interactions. Would a global open market work for you in this. The problem with a global open market is that would curtail the enguaging of local social interaction. The upside is that a global market would help players who may be isolated.

    Perhaps having both where in a fee is applied to posting items on the global market and no fee applied for local social transactions?

  • @ayenn

    Ooh and the fee could go up based on how far?! Post should cost magic dust to encourage local interaction.


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