Idea: shared "hotspots" to visit for several players (buildings, quests, ...)

  • I really like that (unlike other games like PoGO) even is playable and fun in rural areas, because all monsters and ingredients are spawned dynamically for every player. That's a huge advantage of the game!

    But nevertheless it's also fun to walk around with friends playing the same game.

    So it would be great if we could have the best of both worlds: individual elements (monsters and ingredients) and additionally some elements which are shared and therefore visible and usable for all players. Like buildings, towers, hideouts or caves which can be visited together and where you can find items or get quests.

    One of those quests could be, that all players start the same building / hotspot, confirm to take part and then every one of them has to collect certain ingredients and return to the hotspot to complete the quest.

  • I thought that was the intended function of dungeons.

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