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    Hey guys, in the spirit of E3 and all the upcoming major revelations we have also decided to take part. We present to you Territory Wars!

    Territory wars will put 4 factions against each other in battle for the territory control. Players will need to defeat enemy monsters to capture Fortresses and then summon their own army to defend them. Claimed Fortresses will earn gold and provide faction players with unique bonuses within an "occupied territory". Choosing a monster to summon will be a strategic move as they will all provide different advantages. We hope to have Territory Wars implemented by the end of September.

    To get a better perspective, check out the concept UI. More info coming sooon.

    Hey, before we put in dungeons Territory Wars and Fortresses will be implemented. We know you are all really excited to walk through dungeons with your friends but Territory Wars should also provide your with a social element and a hopefully a lot of fun. The dungeons are in plan too, don't worry ;)

    Q: Will the fortress strength be based on levels depending on the amount of monsters summoned?
    Something very similar

    Q: Which order should I join in #Maguss They all look and sound cool! Help me friends!
    Hey, to be honest, they don't matter that much now anyway. However, we are already designing Territory Wars, and as part of this we are creating Character Classes - be ready. ;)

    Q: Will there be guilds and Party capabilities?
    Yes, there is faction system being built and party system is also on the radar, but is not part of the initial game version.

    0_1502310261928_Creature Packs.jpg

    • Note: prices are just a place holder at this time

    The UI for upcoming Monster Packs. These monsters can't wait to be released.
    What type of monster would you summon to defend your faction's Fortress?

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