ALPHA KEY WON'T WORK!!! And no way to contact support.....

  •        After attempting multiple times to register I have only received a red line of text at the bottom of the screen reading "Unsuccessful Registration". Yes, I have checked, and rechecked, the information I am providing. I also attempted to  follow the prompt to download and use "testflight", HOWEVER, I am NOT an iOs user, I have an android. I am legitimately getting frustrated to the point of demanding a refund, but, I have searched this site high and low for some way to contact the Maguss support team and it seems that there is no way to contact them.  Maybe I am missing something. I really don't know. PLEASE HELP! I really want to play Maguss but don't want to have a coronary trying....

  • @hinkypunk

    Hi there. I'm a backer and the fastest way, sometimes within a few minutes, is to message them on their Facebook page.

    I hope this helps.

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