Sam TheOilMan

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  • Hmm.. I dunno about that..
    But I did notice something, and that is in this older builds he plays, all the buff and debuff spells that are being used are being added to the left and right sides in real time as they are being cast. This does not happen in the current build, and I wonder why that is. The buffs and debuffs are all being upgraded in bulk, which looks clunky.. Why did this change?

  • Why do you think he might give a bad name to Maguss?

  • I like the guy. Informative and seems to genuinely love the game.

  • Well i think he was the first youtuber i saw playing the game regularly, and then Maguss Mage came later. Even though he has a lot to improve on, the open beta and the competition will make him better, since at a certain point he had no content to make.

  • So why? He's just tries to promote this game and to share his thoughts about it with a community and other fans. Like thousands other Youtuber do. And that's absolutely Ok, in my opinion.

    Like in real life: there's no need to be compatible with every other person's character. Live and let live.

    I somehow like his videos. At least because you can see how this games evolved since it's early days. Kind of historical :-).

  • @stevenrice said in Sam TheOilMan:

    Has anyone else seen this guy on YouTube yet? Honestly, I think Sam TheOilMan is kinda cheesy. He might be giving this game a bad name.

    To each their own. I like Sam because he's just a normal, real guy, not another "Brand."

  • I really like Sam, I think he's just a person.. not a slick brand, etc. He's just sharing what he loves about the game and trying to help people out =)

  • @stevenrice Sam put out a video very early on during the alpha phase that showed off how well the game worked even in very rural places. this was a very important thing for a ton of people who feared backing because we wanted to know there would be enough for folks out in the boonies to play. he did help sell the game to alot of us.

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