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  • I have a full rebels set.
    Then today I found another upper body piece in the shop, a Rebel's Attire. That's when I realised that the name of it was in white, while the one I had equiped was in grey.. I noticed that I had some white items and some grey items.. This is the first time I noticed this. I knew about raritys before. But this is the first time I noticed that there are grey and white raritys too.
    So.. the difference between my grey and my white Rebel's Attire is that the white one has 2 more evason.

    Grey Rebels Attire: Evasion 6
    White Rebels Attire: Evasion 8

  • From worst to best

  • Hmm personally I think instead of colours (or in addition to colours), the team could use actual names for the rarities so when people see two of the same items with different rarities, they don't have to guess if Green's better than White or not because under the name there could maybe be a little text that says "common" or "rare".

    And also, items of similar stats should probably be put in the same rarity and only have a different colour if the stats are much more than just ever so slightly better.

  • Would be also nice to have set bonus visible somewhere before I complete set... to know if it worthy or not

  • @adaven

    I agree that a list of rarity colors or in the title might help. I don't agree that I or another player should know ahead of time what everything does. Discovery, in my opinion, is part of the fun.

    It is a bit like many games that on one hand give you a research chart so you know exactly what the end result will be versus those that ask you to invest and the result is random. Some players want to know if it is worth thier time or not. So far, there are several players that are doing the discovery part and posting it here. That is community and that, in my opinion, should be the way it's done. Otherwise, it's a single player, non interactive game.

    I backed this game because of the community, teamwork, and group features that we're implied in the promotional videos. I really do hope that happens at some point as so far most of what is promised is PvP competition with little to no teamwork, group play, trade etc.

    Keeping it sparky!

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