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    Q: In the game will we be able to get some kind of XP potion for a certain skill say wand lore, it should either give you double XP for a time OR just a certain amount of XP into that skill.
    By using the wand you are getting XP for each spell cast while without using it you are not. In regards to the XP boost potions, yes there will be some

    Q: What kind of magic-types there will be, and if you have to specialize yourself?
    currently Maguss spells are sorted into 4 categories.

    • Sorcery
    • Incantations
    • Invocations
    • Dark Arts

    Q: What other Skills Are there?
    There is also Brewing, Exploration and Herblore.

    Q: What does the brewing skill Affect?
    Brewing affects the potions you can brew and the amount you can brew at a time by defining you max Tonic Pool.

    Q: What does Herblore do?
    Herblore influences what Herbs you can find and how many you can find in the wild.

    Q: What is Exploration for?
    Exploration is the amount of time you have spent exploring the world. It's level affects what level of treasure chest you can find.

    Q: What builds up my Player level?
    Currently Player level grows based off of your combat skills, or Spell classes. You wouldn't want to be awesome at making potions, but not really be able to cast spells yet, and go up against a veteran monster or seasoned player, would you?

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