Uhh i lost the tutorial

  • So while going through the opening tutorial i got stuck in a menu and couldnt get back, so i closed the app and now the tutorial is gone. Basically, i screwed things up. So, if someone could help me with that, thatd be great. Also a LOT of the buttons werent working for me (why i got stuck) so idk abt that.

  • I got freeze during brewing tutorial and it got skipped as well with result of weak potion

  • The game is full of buggs.. these happens to me a few times every day.

    • Battles just ending with out reason.
    • Brewing puzzle gets skipped, instantly giving a weak potion.
    • Cauldrons showing completed potions, but when tapped says the potions is already goted (yeah it says goted).
    • Ingredients don't disappear from the map when collected.
    • Different parts of the tutorial texts randomly pops up, even though I completed the tutorial.
    • Some buffs and debuffs have no effect.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the game and I want it to succeed.. But these are quite annoying, but it is alpha, so they will be fixed, sooner or later. :)

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