Leveling spell categories

  • I am purposely dueling to level up my Invocation spells. Shouldn't I be able to get more than 22 Invocation xp per fight? ![alt text]0_1515122493385_Screenshot_20180104-220422.png

  • @stevenrice

    22 exp is the max per combat without a bonus buff.

  • what he said
    to be more accurate

    1 spell casted: 10 xp
    2 spells of the same school casted: 17xp
    3 spells of the same school casted: 21xp
    4 spells of the same school casted: 22xp

    In the next patch screenshots preview i saw a 40, so maybe in thext patch things will change

  • @ron-benvenuti
    Sigh...what SHE said. :P

    The game is so fast already that I hope they find a way to slow it down a little. What is the incentive to play regularly, and be online to perhaps make a purchase, if you can max everything out in a month of gameplay?

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