OBT is nearly here! Get ready

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    Dear Maguss fans,

    first of all, I'd like to say that you're awesome. Keeping this forum alive for that long, its just impressive!

    Second, in February, hopefully on 1st we'll be releasing the OBT version of Maguss which will be accessible by everyone who wishes to play! It's going to be a huge step and we are trying to prepare everything that is necessary for a smooth take off. You may expect many new players eager to join this great community, asking questions, complaining and everything that comes with launching a new game. We believe, that you will be welcoming them with open hearts and perhaps feeding them with the necessary information.

    It's too early, but we would also like to kindly ask you, to give Maguss a positive feedback on Google Play and iTunes once the game is out. It's extremely important if we want to see Maguss succeed.

    Game will still have its bugs, but we will focus on hotfixes the first month after the release and hopefully we will get rid of most of them soon. As you know, we've been working on a complete core rebuild past 2 months that mainly includes battle system and all the spells. We expect to have a new release out in 3-7 days from now. After that, we will mostly be focused on fixing bugs until the official release planned for February.

    We would also like to wish you a great year 2018! Let's make it great together :)

  • I have a list of brewing bugs that I haven't reported because there is no up-to-date list of which bugs you know about. Also a shop bug and a chest bug. Should I report them all?

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    @lomeluine please send the list to us at maguss.service@gmail.com or FB and mention that you have been told to do so, so that our first line support puts it into the buglist. Would you do that? Thank you! :)

  • OBT is around the corner but I still paid for a key anyways! I believe in this project so much and can't wait to play! :)

  • soooo... where's the new update? :P

  • So, if you can't be bothered to reply to the couple of odd messages that get posted on this forum each day, why would we give good feedback? Try engaging with us, discussing our experiences playing the game, or just keep ignoring the forums which tells us all you don't care about the players. Your choice.

  • Don't forget they have to devlop the game too. They can't be everywhere.

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    @benjamin-j-sanders It's shame you see it like that. We read forums and take lots of inspiration from the ideas you propose as you can also see on the results, but it's hard to reply to everything while rushing the development, design, legal stuff etc. We are a team of 6 while some of us have no steady income so also have to work. We do best we can and would be happy to get a good review when it comes to that. If you think we don't deserve it, fair enough, but don't expect that this will ecourage any developer to get better as the situation is already hard enough.

  • With regards to the Boss Monsters option in the latest update, 57 I think... I like the idea but have a couple of questions that would affect whether i think it would be worth doing ahead of faction wars:

    Is there a single boss that everyone sees no matter where they are in the physical world, or are there many boss monsters and if you happen to see one and there are other players around you will all be able to damage it and claim part of the reward? I think that if it is not too hard to implement and it is a single global boss then it would be worth adding soon to give players more of a feeling on player interaction in some aspect of PvE play. I might want there to be bonus loot dropped for the faction that did the most damage to it, but everyone hitting it at least once would get some reward.

    If it were to be many local bosses... well if the game becomes very popular that could be very cool and create awesome chances for real world interactions... but I have only ever seen one other person playing Magus in real life (it's in alpha so that's expected) but it is a feature that would only seem great once there is a high rate of adoption for the game, if not it would just be a way to have monsters with persistent damage that you could take down alone by fighting them many times... that would be very cool, but it would not seem like a social feature.

    As for the other options, I think the Bjorn sounds cool, but it's a nice to have perk not a core feature. And the game will live or die on whether the territory controle mechanic is great. So my vote is for the third option and the territory wars. Unless the boss fights are very fast and allow global interaction :)

  • Good afternoon, will there be a distribution of free keys to an Open Beta?

  • @maguss

    I believe that you have done a great job, especially if you consider that you have 6 people. You are great fellows, I'm looking forward to going since I did not get the alpha key 😉. I watch your project not so long ago, but I expect a lot from it.

  • Dear @Maguss The recent updates fix a lot bugs on mine. But still, sometimes my spell deck becomes awkward, I have 3 slots, but sometimes it's only 2 available, the third one is locked. Haha but it's oke... Keep up the spirit guys... And a little suggestion, maybe you could make the 8 main icons smaller a bit, so they dont consume so much space :D

  • @han this only happened me once at the beginning of the update.
    And yes it would be good to reduce the 8 icons a little bit. But first, if it was for me I would like to reduce the Maguss icon menu (the M icon) it's too big and sometimes doesn't let press on the monsters or ingredients.

  • You asked what we would prefer to see in the upcoming open beta: wandering Björn, boss fights or faction wars.

    Personally, I'd vote first for boss fights (although of course it somehow sounds like arena fights in PoGO).

    I think the game should have a good balance between different challenges and actions: crafting, trading, fighting against others (players or monsters), fighting and discovering as a team (for example against a boss monster).

    In my option, the ascpect of fighting against other players and being rewarded for that already has a good representation in the PvP-duells and the ranking system. I really don't want to see more of that, so I for me faction wars are not important. Faction wars could easily lead to annoying peroids of two groups trying to defeat or conquer a fortress. I don't like those extremly unilateral motivations in a game.

    But introducing boss fights might improve the motivation to go out with friends, discover some bosses, fight them together and get rewarded for good results. Maguss certainly needs a little bit more of those team-oriented challenges (but not so strict as faction wars would be). By the way: whats about the dungeon chanllenges once announced?

    My second vote would be for walking Björn, because he'd reward you for walking (NOT driving, of course!) longer distances and could improve the trading aspects of the games. Maybe even more important after the last update, because now you earn MUCH less gold by selling crafted potions (maybe the prices should increase a little bit up to about half the price the potion has in the shop).

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    @chris-barney Bosses (beasts) will be local. We plan to tie them to POI so there will be plenty of them all around - all players will see same monster, they won't be individual spawns like monsters are now. We want to make the game more social and this is the first baby step. We shall soon have more info and some concept UI/art to better explain :)

  • @maguss Do you have any idea for the rural areas?

    We want to see more concept art, manual, desings etc.

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    @yami We plan to implement Beasts (bosses) first thing after open bet and all bug fixes therefore we shall have some concept art soon :) We are very excited about this feature.

  • @maguss Holy cow, you are operating on a team of 6? With some part-time? Please excuse my ignorance, I had no idea. I'd thought you used the kickstarter money to hire a full staff, but thinking on it it wouldn't stretch that far.

    I'll do what I can to support you guys, I like the vision. Sorry again about being an ass.

  • Will maguss be in Finland too? Will it support Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3? Will it have stuff and monster in forests, lakes and other places too?

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    @neptune80123 Yes to all of the above. Not 100% sure on the phone depends on how powerful it is. But it should be able to run it.

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