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    06/09 - 1. week: on Friday, PVP Leagues and ranking system will be finished, ready to be tested(closed testing shouldn’t take more than a week)
    We want YOU to test our new RANKING SYSTEM!
    (available only to those who have an Alpha key)
    Hello guys, as you may have already noticed, we have been working hard on a new PvP system. It includes ranking points, Illusions and brand new leagues. However, before we officially release it we need to stress-test it. And what better way to do that than to invite You, our fans, to help us. Starting this friday(16.6) we will need a group of around 20 volunteers to participate in a 3-5 day long tryout of the new system. Most importantly, we will need a detailed(!) description of any issues experienced throughout the testing process.

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