Aroma potions... worthless?

  • The official FAQ states:
    Do I have to walk around the world to actually play the game?
    No. You can stay at the comfort of your home and still enjoy it. You can use lure potions to attract monsters, brew potions and climb up the PvP rankings with a long-distance PvP mode. You won't be able to fully experience some of the features but you will have fun nevertheless.

    I can only assume that 'lure potions' and 'aroma potions' are the same thing. If so, this FAQ answer is completely false. I've had aroma potions going for over an hour and not a single monster has approached me. How many thousands of gold are we expected to pay for the privilege of having something happen in the game?

    Getting more and more disillusioned,

    Digital Science

  • @benjamin-j-sanders ive also never gotten aroma potions to do anything. If anything they seem to make things worse. I dont know if its a bug or if things just havent been programmed in for it yet, but it should either be fixed, or made unavailable until it is if it will take a while. It took me like 4 tries to finally realize that it really wasnt doing anything.

  • It's an Alpha, it's expected some feature don't work. Lure potion is knowing for not working now.

    If you search a little you can find on this forum a list of know bug.

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