FAQ - Gameplay: Brewing

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    Q: How do I brew?
    Click on crafts button in the main menu, choose a cauldron to make the potion in, and then select a recipe to make. To add ingredients, you will need to trace the Glyph for the ingredient. You will want to keep track of your potion as there are timers for brewing each ingredient, if those timers run out and you don't add the next ingredient in time, the quality of your potion will go down.

    Q: What are beans for?
    There are currently 2 types of Beans used for brewing:

    • Beans, used to replace missing ingredients in a recipe
    • Speed beans, which are used to reduce the brewing time of an ingredient.

    Each type of bean has five "Tiers" to mark what level of ingredient or amount of time that it replaces in the potion recipe.

    Q: How do I use Beans in a recipe?
    Regular beans become an option to use when you don't have enough of an ingredient to make the potion. Speed Beans become available to use after the ingredient has been added, while it "brews". In both case's you just click on the bean in the bottom left of the screen to use it.

    Q: I can't find some ingredients, why not?
    At this time, not all of the ingredients have made it into the game.

    Q: What is the difference between weak, good, great, perfect?
    The difference is the "Power" of the potion, this translates to the amount of health healed or the adjustment amount to the given stat.

    Q: Where do I get Recipes?
    Recipes can be purchased from the store, or found in Chests located through the use of your Exploration Skill.

    Q: How do I use Recipes?
    Recipes, when purchased or found, will appear as a scroll in your inventory. Click the recipe, then click the use button at the bottom of the inventory screen.

    Q: I have the ingredients, but can't make a potion?
    There can be a couple of reasons of why you can't make a potion.

    1. The first reason would be not enough cauldrons available. In that case you can either wait until you finish a potion, or you can buy another from the store.
    2. Some recipes require a certain Brewing Skill level in order to make, you might not have the skills yet to make it. Keep practicing
    3. Potions require "Tonic" in order to make. You have a limited amount of tonic based off of your Brewing Skill level. Tonic replenishes over time, so if you don't have enough now, just wait and let it replenish.
    4. Lastly, based off of your Brewing Level, you might not have enough Max Tonic in order to cover the Tonic cost of the recipe. More Tonic gets added to your pool as your Brewing skill advances, so you will have to wait until your Tonic Pool can meet the requirement.

    Q: Will I be able to find ingredients for potions all over the world?
    Yes. All the plants/ingredients will be placed around the map randomly. Meaning you will have to move to collect them. However, in the first version of the game you won't be able to see them in the augmented reality mode. If you are not exactly the adventurous type don't worry. You will be able to buy ingredients from a shop or from another player.

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