Which features would you like to see for the beta?

  • Regarding the last update, which features would you like to see for the beta?

      1. “Boss fights” -------------> 2 votes
        A powerful monster (boss) will appear on a map for a limited amount of time and your mission will be to defeat him. All players see same monsters and can attack them - you all damage the monster together. However, the more damage you deal, the better reward awaits you (not yet a co-op per se, only 1v1 fight with monster however help of others and their damage will be necessary). Can be implemented faster than Faction Wars.
      1. Wandering Björn -------------> 0 votes
        A travelling merchant. This mechanic will reward your exploration efforts and meters walked with an opportunity to buy better quality equipment.
      1. Faction War -------------> 0 votes
        A massive feature. Includes Summoning Skill, Faction Fortresses (capturing and defending them), 1-month long competition between factions with exclusive rewards.
        Significant implementation time due to its size.

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    @yami Boss fights seems like the right choice to me, since it doesn't take as long as the third goal but is still plenty exciting. Although a small part of me wants to say; none of them. Since in my mind the game still needs the kind of polish that other games in the same genre has.
    Of course, working on bug fixes and polish is some boring work, but it is needed.

  • @jhamm yes, I think the same.

    I vote for the Boss Fights first because seems more easy to do this implementation, the easiest to polish.
    Also with the arrival of the new users, the raids would be a good option.

    I like the idea of the Faction Wars also but maybe there isn't enough users or seems difficult to apply and polish... But the Ingress touch is needed in this game.

    And I think the Wandering Björn should be implemented once the fake GPS is controlled a little bit.

    And yes, the important thing is to polish the actual game but probably with the release of the Beta they solve a lot of things.

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    @yami I do also like all the other features and would like to see them added in the future.

    I have the habit of writing down on a notepad every time I get an idea for Maguss or find a bug. The list has become a decent length. Also what I really like about the game is the developers, they really do listen. I tried to count in my head how many features or small changes have been added by my request and came to the number 7. Also around 3 bugs fixed. There's probably more.

    These kind of developers are the kind I want to support, no matter how hard times are for them. They also really respond fast on Facebook.. Jeez.

    Anyway, I went a little offtopic there, my main point is that there is a lot of small things that need to change and bugs that need fixing. The main map needs a revamp, some of the UI needs a look at and a lot of text is either aligned bad or have been misspelled.

  • @jhamm yes, of course, I want to see also all the features on the game and much more :P but first, have the polish all the stuff ass you said.
    Thank you for your support to the game I hope I can help on it too.

  • administrators

    Right after open beta release we will focus on fixing bugs. Then, after, or maybe also simultaneously, we will start on Bosses :) Thanks for all the feedback. We are aware of all the issues and are working on them.

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