[Android] What happened to my player level?

  • Hey guys. I started playing about a year ago now. I played intensely for a couple of months and then left to do other things. I'm back now, but my player level has disappeared, along with all of my equipment for each tier (ironically, I had collected the full set for each tier and variety up to 5 or 6). My exploration, casting, and brewing levels (etc) all remain the same, but my player level is gone. I looked back through update logs and couldn't tell when they had done a level reset.

    Also, I selected Warden and got Paladin. Not to mention all of those screens were incredibly glitched out, but I'll tackle that stuff another day.

    I appreciate your response!


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    In the recent update, the player levels were adjusted. The developers are always trying to find the best balance so that players don't gain levels too fast or too slow. I have no idea with the class issue, I didn't find the menu's buggy or glitched.

    But that was in an earlier update, so maybe the new update has glitched them up. If you feel like the menus was a big problem then feel free to chat with Maguss through Facebook.

  • Don't worry too much about your level, I think in February, for the open Beta, they will reset everything.
    Now they released a new update for Maguss, try updating it and let's see if the menus are better.

  • @jhamm I went from somewhere In the level 25 range to level 2. I don't think that's what you're referring to. Are they resetting everything everything before release? That will be quite upsetting if so.

  • @tackybrad If it's not that probably its because the update of today, my account has been deleted hahaha.

    I think the resets are necessary that's the good thing to clean everything from previous versions until the stable one goes out.

  • After the latest update, I can't login, "User doesn't exist" . Is everyone has the same problem?

  • @han now the problem should be solved with the last last last update :P

  • No one has said anything to explain why my player level was reset to 2, but my herblore level was stull 50. Anyone? It would seem I would be glitched if no one was like "this happened with the _____ update on purpose"

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