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    Q: Will there be an in-game shops to buy and sell our stuff? Or we will have just to empty our inventories when they are full by destroying items?
    Items can be sold directly from your inventory, some of them, such as quest items can be only destroyed if needed.

    Q: Are you planning on adding possibility to trade with other players as well? So, I can create some items for friends who may want to join the game later and it will be easier for them to catch up with me?
    We haven't fully designed the trading system but it's definitely our plan to support socialization as much as possible, that involves trading and collaboration between players that may have been specialized in different professions.
    Ex. You may be the best explorer in the town collecting the rarest ingredients around the area while your friend may brew extra powerful potions by using them.

    Q: Will we have a trade limiter so if a newbie joins someone can't make them OP?
    it's not designed yet. But most likely there will be something. If not that, then something similar to Grand Exchange in RuneScape could be used.

    Q: Will there by multiple types of currencies? How do we acquire currency? What and where can we spend it?
    We will get a thread ready about it in few days. But in short, there will be 2 currencies:

    1. Gold Coins
    2. Magic Dust

    Q: What are gold Coins?
    Gold Coins can be obtained by fulfilling quests, selling items, or betting on PvP duels
    0_1502287442375_Gold Coins.png
    Q: What is Magic Dust
    Magic Dust is purchasable by real world currency; our main goal is to avoid pay-to-win model and therefore bonuses granted by the items purchased with Magic Dust have effect only against monsters. Most of the items are consumables, such as a potion that for a period of time gives extra XP, or immediately heals you after fight with a monster.

    Q: I have received magic dust, what do I do with it?
    Magic dust is used for purchasing things through the On-line Store, not the in-game store.

    Q: Will Dust items be able to be used to affect PvP or duels?
    We have very strict rule sets in place in regards to what is and is not allowed in PvP wizard duels. Nothing acquired with 'Dust' will allow anyone to have an advantage in dueling. Mostly convenience items can be obtained with 'Dust'. We also have other safeguards in place to handle duel matchmaking.

    Q: Will gold be sold for Magic Dust?
    There will be no gold for Magic dust exchange!

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