Spell tests - looking for volunteers

  • Hi guys, i would like to try a few spells, looking for someone to duel in specific time windows in order to test them.

    Any volunteers? i need high level players

    p.s. do we have a telegram chat or something like that?

  • Chat is on the "to be implemented"-list.

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    Please feel free to join the Unofficial Discord: https://discord.gg/dCYXF87

  • administrators

    This would actually help thousand times. Some spells are still not working properly and we really need to find out which.

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    @maguss Sit around the coffee table and duel each other for half an hour at the office ;D

    Nah just kidding we'll do some test battles for sure. I'll try and change out my spells and see what doesn't work. The only one I know for sure is the bleed spell, it is doing some weird stuff.

  • The bleeds are super weak.

    Compare tier 3 energetic strike to tier 4 bleed, for example. If I cast 5 bleeds (maximum amount) assuming each bleed adds is full power - that’s 75 power dealt out over 3 rounds. The next two rounds, I can’t cast bleed again as it won’t increase the amount of damage. Energetic strike, however, does 70 power each round. So at the end of the third round that’s, 210 power damage. At 70 vs 15 power damage per round, the lower tier spell is the obvious choice, and that’s really disappointing.

    Ultimate Avoid is making me scratch my head too. Level 4 kitsune uses it and I can’t land an attack, but when I use it, I never avoid anything.

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding how rogues are meant to be played in this game. My crits don’t go off much but when they do I’m very happy so that’s a huge improvement :)

  • administrators

    @tearlin Hey, bleed is completely off. Being fixed atm. We can't make all dot spells that strong though. Energetic Strike also has 5 heat...But spells will definitely need balancing. And we will do it based on your feedback. Bleed should be fixed soon.

  • @jhamm yes. Too bad bleed not working indeed.

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