Hability spells

  • The idea is to have spells that you can use along the general game, not only on the battles. For that, the Maguss must have another bar on the main screen, the mana bar or the same heat bar used in battles but working more like mana...

    The thing is to use the spells for different stuff, for example:

    Spell of invisibility:
    This spell is used to see things that you can't see for example at level 1 you can cast the spell to see a specific tier 1 monster and/or tier 1 ingredient.

    Spell of lockpicking:
    Used for open certain chests or dungeon dors.

    Spell of control:
    If you have this spell on your deck, allows you in the battle to enchant the monster and add to your bestiary. If the monster has low life it's more probable to take it (yes, something like Pokemon).
    If the ability has more level it will be easier to catch the monster and will be more effective against stronger monsters.

    This is just an initial idea and I'll try to improve it if you understand and like :)
    What do you think?

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    This is quite cool and some were discussed in early alpha.

    For example, the spell of invisibility is nearly a perfect copy of something you could actually do in early alpha but was later removed. You could draw on the screen and make extra ingredients appear out of the blue. I quite liked it but was supposedly not something the developers wanted.

    Spell of lockpicking is also something that has been discussed slightly. They talked about having to draw glyphs when entering doors or opening chests in the dungeon runs. They haven't spoken about dungeons for quite a while, but it's still gonna be there, just much later.

    Spell of lockpicking is neat. It has always been the case that sometime in the future (if the game earns enough money and doesn't become a failed project) that you can "catch" monsters and summon them as pets. I remember this being a huge talking point earlier. Even one of the tiers you could buy one IndieGoGo was to design your own pet. Which I, of course had to buy ;D

    Thanks for posting this, made me remember a lot of cool stuff happening in the future.

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    Spell of invisibility is a great idea. It might make a comeback. You will be able to summon monsters (not into duels yet) in Faction Wars ;)

  • Wow so I'm quite late hahaha. I would like to see those features in the future.
    I think this will make the game more realistic, less plain and more dynamic.

    Hope the project keep going on the right way.

    Thank's for your answer.

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    Yeah, the spell of invisibility did in a way already exist in the past, but I really like your idea of extending it to find monsters. Because then there could be monsters with stealth that are only visible by using the spell. Sounds cool.

  • Yes, and also can be applied to invisible dungeons or invisible chests.
    It sounds really magician to be able to do this :P

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    @yami But god do I really want the dungeons. Was the feature that excited me the most. Just walking along a normal road, but in the game you're following a specific path! With random encounters, bosses, chests. The whole deal.

  • @jhamm I've seen this feature and I'm really excited too. I'm trying to get involved in this project helping reporting bugs, giving ideas, recommending the game to my geek friends, which is the best way to help in the project?

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    @yami Hey don't worry about it, you're already doing your best to help the game along. The best way to help is to report bugs, giving ideas, figuring out ways to reach out to people that don't know the game yet. Other than that it's mostly money that the developers need, but you're also already helping in that regard with watching the ads.

    I remember at the start of alpha I went running around with ads in paper form, to inform people about the game. Also, spend a long time sending emails to the press and any YouTubers that played this style of game. Nobody really responded though..

    Just chat with people, be a good person in the community, answer any questions you know the answer to. That kind of stuff helps out a lot.

  • @jhamm wow such a hard work :O
    I proposed to the devs by the FB page to translate the game to Spanish or Catalan (I'm a native speaker of both). I understand this is a secondary step to port the game to different languages because they are so busy fixing bugs, etc. but also think it will be easy to start now that there is less content. Also, there is a lot of Spanish community and now with the ads and the open beta release coming will attract more people.

    I'll wait to help with the translation :D

    Do you think if we click on the ads they will receive more cash?

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    @yami Possibly, that's how most ads work, I can't be sure though. I have some experience in how ads work and there is "views" and "clicks" where clicks give more. Though this is probably not the case with all ads. Can't be sure.

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