FAQ - Gameplay: PvP

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    Q: Is PvP done by Zone areas, i.e. parks, monuments, etc.. or is it a status that is chosen to mark yourself as being ready for PvP?
    PvP has 2 modes. One is long distance mode for which we have a matchmaking pool so everyone who is seeking for a wizard’s duel can jump in and he would be matched with an opponent according to some criteria. Second one is a proximity mode when players can meet on the real life location and challenge each other. The other one has to accept the duel in order to fight. Maybe we will have some locations where you don't have to accept the duel in order to fight.

    Q: What does the Rank mean on the upper right?
    Rank is used to help determine your fighting skills when trying to match you with a dueling opponent, also used with the League Standings.

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