Just started, Bugs already

  • I just started on android.
    First I noticed the stats for the classes were moved up a few lines outside of the box it looked like they were supposed to be in. I could only tap on the top 4 info circles. I could not tap the crits and health info circles.
    I figured eh not that big of a deal.
    Then I noticed I can't even interact with the lower end of the screen so I can't change my appearance at all.
    That's a big deal, with these games I enjoy customization and immersion. I was that guy that enjoyed making my Skyrim character more than playing the actual story. I'd spend days on it.
    Regardless I'd like to know if this is a bug that needs to be fixed or if there is limited customization in this alpha build.
    Should I just close and restart the app or would that ruin anything?

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    Hey Jack, you can only change face atm. You will be able to choose other options soon (either in open beta release or very soon after). Sorry for the disappointment. We have it prepared though just waiting to be implemented :)

  • Good to know that.
    I have a question, ¿after the beta, when the final release, will be another restart?

    The reset on February will affect everything? Will we start at 0?
    I would like that to check in detail everything.

  • Every now and then going out of a menu by pressing the back button on my Galaxy will make the hud disappear and I have to restart the app to make it come back.

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    @yami Everything will be reset at open beta launch. Everything. This is supposed to be the last time the game will ever need a full restart though.

  • @jhamm ok I see, I'll take care of my chose at the begining 😹

  • I've also come across an exploit. The daily reward keeps popping up. First time I select a card see the other cards. Tap X. It brings me back to the daily reward. Tap try luck. It's the same set of cards, I tap crystals or keys. It goes away, I go to inventory and see the items, go back to main screen and the daily reward pops up again. I can do this infinitely. I've tested doing other things instead of going to my inventory like battling mobs. It just keeps popping back up.

    My only other complaint is sometimes the game gets stuck in a loading screen after a battle and I have to restart the app.

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    @samuraijack Ah we thought we fixed this...will take a look at it again.

  • My daughter and I are trying to get passed the first battle. It will not let either of us select a monster or anything at all in fact. We can rotate the map by sliding our fingers and that is all. Please help!!!!!!!!!!

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    @dcarte203 Hello, you need to be much more specific. Where in tutorial are you? Did Alice appear ? What happens if you tap the monster pin ? Etc. Can you send a screenshot/video ?

  • @maguss
    I’ve tried uploading a photo but it keeps saying it’s to big I tried a video and it did the same. So to answer your question yes she appears. Then you touch the screen and she disappeared and you could see there were two creatures. But you can do nothing. You can touch or tap or swipe every niche of the damn screen and nothing happens except the map shifts a little.

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